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Top 10 Semiconductor Packaging Solution Companies - 2021

Since the invention of the first ever semiconductor package in 1965, semiconductor packaging technology has grown dramatically, and several thousands of different semiconductor package types have been made.From die-attach adhesives to liquid and film encapsulants, conductive coatings for EMI shieldings, first-level underfills such as liquid and film, to thermal interface materials and conductive and non-conductive adhesives for sensors and modules, today prospective customers can be surethat their needs will becovered by the most cutting edge and reliable technologies in the market. Since the introduction of Chip Scale Packages (CSP’s) only a few short years ago, they have become one of the biggest packaging trends in recent history. There are currently over 50 different types of CSP’s available throughout the industry, and the numbers are increasing almost daily.This technology is especially effective for the high pin count category. The flip-chip technology market is presently experiencing high growth due to advancements in the copper pillar and micro bumping metallurgy and its extended use in consumer electronics products and mobile phones. New bumping solutions are serving the most advanced packaging technologies; thus, flip-chip technology can adapt to meet new challenges.

To assist companies in finding accomplished solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Semiconductor Review. This edition lists the top 10 semiconductor packaging solution providers in 2021 to highlight the organizations that can escalate your growth chances. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these solution providers are set to transform the semiconductor packaging landscape. This edition also blends through thought leadership from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs, with real-life stories on how the solution providers have enhanced their clients’ capabilities. We hope this issue of Semiconductor Review helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s “Top 10 Semiconductor Packaging Solution Companies - 2021.”

    Top Semiconductor Packaging Solution Companies

  • Amkor Technology is one of the world’s largest outsourced semiconductor packaging and test services providers

  • Camtek is a leading manufacturer of metrology and inspection equipment for the semiconductor industry

  • as a laboratory for verification and tests of the electronic industry, the company is changing the existing verification model in the entire semiconductor industry. The “Focused Ion Beam (FIB) circuit edit” launched by iST is a service like surgery in an operating room to manually modify the desired product functionality in a micron or nanometer environment with state of art technology and advanced precision equipment. Cutting circuitry by this microsurgical approach can pinpoint errors of chips in the longitudinal direction and is more accurate and faster than etching technology commonly adopted by the industry at that time

  • ASM Pacific Technology

    ASM Pacific Technology

    ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. was founded in 1975. They are one of the world's largest assembly and packaging equipment supplier for the semiconductor and LED industries. The company manufacturers semiconductor assembly equipment and materials used by multinational chip manufacturers, independent IC assembly houses and consumer electronics manufacturers

  • AT&S


    AT&S is a Europe-based printed circuit board manufacturer focused on high-end printed circuit board technology. Depending on technological and economic requirements, the company offers the widest possible range of printed circuit boards specially tailored to customers’ needs such as double-sided plated-through, multi-layer, high density interconnection and laser-drilled, insulated metallic substrate, flexible, rigid-flex, and semi-flexible.

  • Evatec


    Evatec is a supplier of production platforms for thin film deposition. From LEDS to Lasers, Power Chips to Packaging Level solutions for EMI shielding, their thin film deposition and etch systems enable manufacture of the worlds highest performance optical, optoelectronic and semiconductor devices

  • Kyocera


    Kyocera Corporation manufacturers electronic equipment and components. The Company's products include telecommunication equipment, information equipment, optical equipment, ceramic products, semiconductor parts, chips, hybrid integrated circuits, thermal printheads, image sensors, liquid crystal displays, and connectors. Kyocera operates worldwide

  • MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

    MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

    MacDermid Inc. is a leading global producer of high technology, specialty chemical products and a provider of technical services

  • Majelac Technologies

    Majelac Technologies

    Majelac Technologies provides Semiconductor Assembly and Packaging services

  • Materion


    Materion is an advanced materials supplier providers. Materion makes the metal alloys that keep the electrical connectors connected - regardless of vibrations, heat or extreme conditions